propagation tanks

Acropora frags

Propagation tanks filled with aquacultured coral.

Article on fragging Acropora.

Detailed article on fragging procedures here.






I am a reef keeper living in Sydney with a passion for propagating coral.
My goal is to acquire and propagate those species most suitable for a home aquarium.
To this end I'm offering my propagated coral for sale or trade to hobbyists within Austalia.

I also offer a consultation service to customers in the Sydney area. 

about propagation

I operate a 2000L system distributed across about a dozen tanks, ponds, and trays.
I'm always building new systems and tearing down old ones, looking for better ways to produce more coral.
I use a variety of fluorescent, metal halide, and LED lamps. Calcium replenishment is by drip fed kalkwasser an inexpensive saturated calcium hydroxide solution.

Propagation is by division, an asexual form of reproduction, and many species of coral are amiable to this technique.
I mount my corals on non-porous frag plugs, marble chip, or the like. I do not propagate onto live rock.
Corals tend to grow better on a clean surface and any potential pests are more easily dealt with on a non-porous media. Also I want to differentiate my propagated coral from wild collected coral.


Where do you get your coral? I obtain small pieces from other hobbyists by trading. Or very occasionally I buy wild collected corals from licensed retail outlets. I then grow and propagate them in my own tanks.
I do not remove coral from the wild.

Why should I buy your small aqua cultured coral when there are large wild collected corals available?
My corals have not had the stress of collection and traumatic periods spent in holding facilities. Captive livestock is already acclimatised to aquarium conditions, unlike wild specimens, giving a higher likelihood of successful growth. With captive grown livestock there is no negative impact on natural coral reefs.

How do you pack your coral for shipment? My corals are securely and appropriately packaged to endure the rigors of the postal service.

What if the coral dies in transit? I happily offer a money back guarantee on shipped coral. I ship at my risk not yours. Should you have a dead on arrival, DOA, email me as soon as you are able and I'll refund your money.

I don't see anything I like. Where can I find other corals? Check the links on my homepage on the left.

I'm new to reef keeping where do I learn more?