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welcome reefers

This site features both propagated aquarium coral and wild collected coral.
The propagated corals have been grown in captivity in my own propagation systems.
The wild coral was legally collected from the GBR, near Cairns.

this month

I'm adding a new section to my site, "Wild Coral", see link on the left.
I'm still propgating coral, and I prefer propagating, but so as to extend the range on offer I'm adding wild coral.


Sydney customers can take advantage of my extensive knowledge on keeping and growing a successful reef tank.
I offer a consultation service to customers in the Sydney area.

trading coral

I'm always happy to trade for new corals, if you have any frags worth trading please get in touch and we'll arrange it.

your frag tank

I know there's a few propagators using the 'Toys 'R' Us' kids sandpits as frag ponds. I'd be particularly interested in seeing your frag tanks, so if you feel like sharing your ideas please send me a photo.

Mark's frag ponds Check out Mark's rig.


Pests can arrive on any coral be it propagated or wild.
For my frags you’ll need to watch out for two species. Aiptasia sp. (glass anemone) and Valonia sp. (bubble algae).

Very occasionally I've sold a frag and not spotted an attached pest. The good news is because I use non-porous frag plugs, or sometimes marble chip, pests are very easy to remove.  Slide a small sharp blade under the pest and remove it before placing the frag in your tank.