to order

To place an order email me,

  • Reference the number appearing with the item (Z-1, C-2, O-3, W-1 etc).
  • Include your name and the address you'd like the corals sent to.
  • I will reply with a quote and payment details.

Once payment has been made I'll dispatch the coral via express post. I maintain email contact throughout the transaction and you'll be advised when to expect your package.

Delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, you can nominate the day that suits you best. 

Insure you're in the next day delivery zone; Check your postcode against the list here.
If your postcode is outside the next day delivery area the package will probably take two days to arrive. Some corals can only be shipped to the next day delivery zone.

If you're in Sydney a 'pick up' can be arranged by appointment. I'm in the inner west, marrickville area.

Shipping is $15 for orders less than $100, and free for orders over $100.

my guarantee

My customers’ happiness and my reputation are valuable to me. I offer a money back guarantee on shipped coral arriving alive and in good condition. If you should have a dead on arrival, DOA, email me and I will refund the cost of the coral in full.

If you're postcode is outside the next day delivery area, except for zoanthids, I'm not able to guarantee my corals. Zoanthids I can guarantee for 48 hours of travel.


go to PayPal accepted.

Payment options Or we can let the bank handle the money via direct deposit. If refunds are needed we'll handle it the same way.

If you'd rather use a credit card I can email you a PayPal invoice, enabling you to pay by credit card. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service.