Other Organisms and Macro Algae

These organisms have been propagated in captivity.

O-1 'Lil' Green BTA'  Entacmaea quadricolor

This is a small BTA, about the size of a fist. 
It tends to keep its tentacle bubble, unlike many captive BTAs, and 
will tolerate lower levers of light.
It will even thrive under fluorescent light.

Splits readily if fed small meaty foods, but will also thrive on light alone.

Grown and photographed under blue and white LED.
Under blue light the green colour is very bright.


'Green BTA'

 O-2 'Turbo Snails' Turbo sp.

Turbo sp. are extremely useful herbivores and prolific breeders.
Given time they will multiply to the maximum number
the tank can support, which even for a nano tank is a great many.

Their egg mass looks like a blob of translucent slime riddled
with eggs, just leave them to hatch.
At least a half dozen is recommended to get them breeding.

$25 for 6

Photo of egg mass courtesy of Project DIBS

'Turbo Snails'  

O-3 Caulerpa brachypus

C. brachypus is hardy, prolific, and can out compete other macro algae.
Excellent for nutrient export if regularly and heavily harvested.

Best used in a refugium or a macro algae specific tank.

In a display tank care must be taken to control it, invasive if left unchecked.

Under a 12 hour photoperiod it's much less prone to Caulerpa Sporulation
than other Caulerpa.
Under a 24 hour photoperiod the risk of sporulation is eliminated.

Grown under moderate light and current on marble chip.
$20 for a small bag.

Caulerpa brachypus