I provide a home visit to give expert troubleshooting and advice.
Often people new to reef keeping can be overloaded with an avalanche of information and seemingly contradictory advice.
I'll sort the facts from fiction and help give you an understanding of the basic principles for successful reef keeping.

I will help you determine what type of reef you want, be it a mixed reef, or more species specific. The types of fish and / or corals, hard or soft, and their individual needs will determine the necessary environment; current, lighting, filtration, and inhabitants.

I'll provide a written report on your reef tanks condition, stock, any problems and the solutions.  

To book email

Please include a brief description of your tank, capacity in litres, type of lamps used, types of inhabitants, (fish only, mixed reef, coral only).
Please Include your name and address.

access to stock

My consultation customers have preferential access to my range of propagated corals, macro algae, etc,